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RFP: HTRC Advanced Collaborative Support, Spring 2016

The HathiTrust Research Center seeks proposals for Advanced Collaborative Support project awards

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ScienceNode: The revolution will be televised—in freeD™

Indiana University is the first in higher ed to install freeD™ replay technology

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Big Red II helps predict future of fish

IU supercomputer will do the data crunching on NSF grant to create aquatic habitat data set

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Ready, Set, Robots! Camp 2016

Robot camp offers fun way for teens to discover programming, tech careers

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UITS Monitor: New user-friendly tool to streamline faculty annual reporting

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Jetstream allocations available—apply by April 15th

Jetstream provides on-demand computing and data analysis resources. Allocation requests are now being accepted and are due by April 15, 2016.

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What's really at stake in the Apple vs. FBI case?

IU cybersecurity expert Von Welch takes a closer look at the two sides in this landmark encryption battle

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UITS Monitor: UITS Support Center's spring break schedule

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